Frog's shadow

Peacock for Art, on its mission to explore alternative venues and exhibition spaces, has curated “Frog’s Shadow book launch and artist book exhibition” at Zamalek Diwan bookstore, in September 2017.

As part of a larger project titled "Soluble Islands", visual artist Hossam Alsawah uses a variety of mediums such as painting, writing, videos and installations; as an expressive mean to explore and examine our reality, its fragility and the battles it raises against us. ‘Frog’s Shadow’ is a divan comprised of thirty poems with daily realities as their muses.

Hosam: "I have no limits in the use of media to express different things and writing does not intimidate me. I see that I have constant capacity to learn. I wrote poetry because, at that moment, I felt I could not express myself through the drawings only."

The event included a round table with poet and literary editor Ahmed Ayad, Professor of Helwan University Ayman al-Samri and Professor of Academy of Arts, Haggag Abu Gabr, and a pop-up exhibition of some drawings from the artbook.

The project was funded by Al Mawred Al Thaqafy and published by Madarat for Research and Publishing.

  • Venue: Diwan Bookstore, Cairo, Egypt
  • Duration: September 2016
  • Book signing and exhibition organized by Peacock for art for Artist Hossam el Sawah