Design, Craft, Brand Exhibition

Curating this exceptional contemporary design exhibition -Design, Craft, Brand-, introduced a new perspective for production of eco-friendly contemporary furniture. The authenticity of the pieces does not only lie in the designs, but also in the novelty of the materials used, especially Palm Reed. In early January, 2020, the exhibition showcased the end-products of two design and mapping workshops organized by Peacock for Art and CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Technology, and Environmental Research) as part of the ‘Design, Craft, Brand’ program.

The resulting products highlight two definite key concepts: sustainability and eco-friendliness; all the produced furniture pieces adopt innovative concepts being lightweight , eco-friendly, cost-effective, and multi-functional, aiming to redefine contemporary social furniture, through pressing the possibility of weaving eco-friendly and sustainable furniture into the contemporary furniture and design markets.

The thematic workshops aimed to develop exchange of knowledge and skills between local craftspeople and formally trained artists and designers. The workshops took place in two sites; Fayoum and Ard al-Liwa. The ‘Design, Craft, Brand’ program is supported by ‘Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies’ program -DICE, in collaboration with local partners FAODA and Hawamesh.