Fabrics of hope

The talented Young Egyptian product and fabric designer Nourhan Mostafa Elnemr presents us with a different approach to experiencing products and objects; through creating an engaging tactile experience that stimulates the senses.

Fabrics of Hope by Nour ElNemr Designs, is a fabric line that brings the hopes of cancer survivors together with the aspirations of underprivileged Egyptian women in need of employment.
Fabrics of Hope enables children being treated at the Cancer Hospital to express themselves through art therapy as they experience the joy of creativity, giving them momentary respite from pain and allowing them to immerse themselves in a more positive mindset despite their circumstances.

Inspired by great artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Klee and Kandinsky, Nourhan encourages young patients to release the potential artist inside them and create their own paintings, influenced by both the Great Masters and their own predicament, bringing to life their hopes, fears, and dreams through each child’s individual lens.
Once the children have finished their artwork, Nour proceeds to turn these into a design without touching any of the basic elements of the paintings. These designs are then handed over to women who sew them onto Egyptian-made fabric which is then used either to create unique pieces of furniture or alternatively purchased by a designer to use in a new collection. The results are precious works of art.

Works were exhibited at SOMA Art School & Gallery
Production by Sayed Abla
Artworks by Suzi Elzayat
Curation by Peacock for Art
Scent by Scenti

  • Venue: Soma Gallery and Art School, Cairo, Egypt
  • Duration: April 2018
  • Art curated by Peacock for Art for Nour Elnemr Designs