Reviving Humanity Memorial by Shosha Kamal Design House


On the occasion of the World Youth Forum, Peacock has been commissioned by Shosha Kamal Design House to identify and recruit artists from all over the world to participate in an open-air sculpture exhibition, Reviving Humanity Memorial, to be inaugurated by H.E. the President of Egypt on the Opening Night.

Reviving Humanity Memorial is a permanent art installation featuring one artist from each country of the world, on a mission to revive our long-forgotten humanity. The artists have the freedom to choose the materials they prefer to work with to produce a sculpture inspired by the human heart; the sculptures stand as a reminder to the world that despite our differences, we all possess the same beating heart.

  • Venue: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Duration: December 2018
  • Art Management for Shosha Kamal Design House, for the world youth forum event

  • Aissa Debbie
  • Albulen Nezeri
  • andrew edros
  • Arwa Abouon
  • Bassem Kyrillos
  • Bernhard Stimple Abele
  • Derek O'Sullivan
  • Ferran Igelasis
  • Lindou Founanto
  • Nikola Smilkov
  • Sarah Hurtigkarl