Reviving Humanity Memorial (Phase 2)

Phase two of the Reviving Humanity Memorial witnessed a diverse gathering of 39 artists from around the globe, the versatility of this collective had artists from the biggest countries on the map work alongside artists from the smallest of islands. This year the innovative ideas of the sculptors formed many brilliant and unexpected reincarnations of the human heart, where some drew their inspiration from their cultures, human connections, the relationship between us as humans and our surroundings, animals, and even the human heart itself.

This versatility and innovation were not only related to the ideas, but also the materials used in the making of the sculptures; who knew that bread can be utilized in the making of a sculpture? We had the opportunity to sit down with the artists, to get to know them and know more about the concepts of their sculptures and what inspires them.

  • Venue: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Duration: December 2019
  • Art Management for Shosha Kamal Design House, for the world youth forum event

  • An Tran
  • Anna Korver
  • Basil Watson
  • Brynhildur Thorgeirsdottir
  • Catiuscia Dotto
  • Emafa Williams
  • Francisco Mendez
  • Jargamlaa Munkhjargal
  • Joeey Kodjovi Tessi
  • Juan Trinidad
  • Leonard Tebegetu
  • Luis Gutierrez
  • Maggie Otieno
  • Mireya Rivas
  • Raul Varela
  • Riitta Ikonene
  • Roberto Ventura
  • Santos Orsolino
  • Sebastien boko
  • Tae Hwan Hyun.