Soma bay Residency

Hosted by the Peacock for Art X SOMA Bay Public Art Residency Program, Ahmad Keshta’s “Purple Rain”. As a part of PFA’s effort to weave public art into the fabric of Egyptian contemporary art scene, Peacock for Art hosted the SOMA Bay Public Art Residency, in Soma bay thus allowing Soma bay to become the first urban development company that introduced public art projects by Egyptian and International artists.

The sight specific artworks produced are curated and created in such a way as to blend with the architecture and the landscaping of the resort; complimenting the natural ambience of Soma bay.

Ahmed Keshta

Keshta´s work is mostly autobiographical. The abundance and variety of his personal experiences and his outstanding talent and observation skills allow him to create extremely beautiful artworks. Purple Rain is an artificial garden made out of recycled umbrella poles and DVDs burned and molded into the shape of flowers. However these inert, metal flowers have a different meaning for him: metaphorically they can contain photos, folders but potentially also viruses… they can bring back good and bad memories or remind us a lesson and the path we’ve gone through to find the way again.


Hosted by the Peacock for Art X SOMA Bay Public Art Residency Program, Nofal O-one Graff's The Journey of the Sun, Murals, SOMA Bay 2017.
The Journey of the Sun, Murals, SOMA Bay 2017:
Two narrative graffiti murals stand at opposite ends of the Sheraton Hotel SOMA Bay, a hotel visibly honoring the history of the Ancient Egyptians. With a modern fingerprint, Nofal reinterprets historic characters, and illustrates them in his pop-aesthetic language, allowing the caricatures to contrast and reflect the nature leading to and from the hotel.

François Bernard

Hosted by the Peacock for Art X SOMA Bay Public Art Residency Program, François Bernard’'s OMR Project - Peacock for Art X SOMA Bay Public Art Residency 2017
OMR Project (The Orphan Material Rebirth) aims to give a new birth to recycled wood and other materials transfigured into benches, chairs, transats, etc...
“Tutu” Dancing with Trees, Snake Moult 1 and 2 are organic sculptures, made with recycled materials that invite touch and interaction. They evoke conversation, and the question of desire to allow an exchange with one other, and forge links between all elements in the natural landscape of SOMA Bay. François Bernard is versatile independent French artist, who also works in theater, advertising and cinema on prestigious international projects.

The Public Art Residency project in Soma Bay by Peacock for Art, made Soma Bay become the first urban developer company to introduce Public Art projects where site specific artworks by Egyptian and International artists are integrated with the architecture and landscaping of the resort.

  • Venue: Soma Bay, Hurghada, Egypt
  • Duration: May, September 2017
  • Art organized by Peacock for art for Abu soma Development Company