Fearless Women

A mural by artist Aya Tarek, was commissioned by Embassy of the United States of America in Cairo, Egypt via Peacock for Art to portray the true essence of womanhood as a synonym of strength, resilience, and majesty.

The work depicts four iconic American women, Margaret Bourke-White, Mae C. Jemison, Amelia Earhart and Georgia O’Keeffe, and the Egyptian goddesses Hathor and Nephthys, as well as Queen Nefertiti, known worldwide for her timeless beauty and unmatched resilience.
'Fearless Women' was created 'live' during the 2018 Maker Fair, with an attendance that exceeded 6,000 attendees, mostly young Egyptians, and is now a permanent art installation at the Embassy of the United States of America in Cairo, Egypt.

Through her artwork, the artist was able to shed light on the contribution of women in a world of science and innovation, while at the same time portraying important female figures from Egypt’s ancient past, whether deities who were at one point worshipped, or from the royal household of Egypt’s powerful XVIII’s dynasty, thus highlighting the role of women as it transcends the ages.
Peacock for Art continues to spearhead initiatives aiming to bring art to public spaces in line with its vision of integrating artistic works and creativity into our daily lives.

  • Venue: Cairo Festival City, Cairo, Egypt
  • Duration: March 2018
  • Art commissioned by Peacock for art for the Embassy of USA in Egypt