ARTIST: François Bernard
OMR Project (The Orphan Material Rebirth) aims to give a new birth to recycled wood and other materials transfigured into benches, chairs, transats, etc... “Tutu” Dancing with Trees, Snake Moult 1 and 2 are organic sculptures, made with recycled materials that invite touch and interaction. They evoke conversation, and the question of desire to allow an exchange with one other, and forge links between all elements in the natural landscape of SOMA Bay. François Bernard is versatile independent French artist, who also works in theater, advertising and cinema on prestigious international projects.

ARTIST: Ahmed Keshta
text: Public Art encompasses diverse mediums and works, to reach the audience in a simple manner. Why did I choose the CD’s? Of course for being a found object. To me, these CD’s are are like us, human beings, full of memories, photos, music, records, files, and also hidden files and viruses - just like us. I decided to heat the CD’s one day, and remembered my previously mentioned thoughts, and took the melting CD’s and starting shaping them into flowers - as if reconstructing a beautiful memory. As for the project installed in SOMA Bay, in my opinion is like any other project in any field, one that is met with challenges and difficulties.