Deep colors of the Mediterranean sea

The photographic volume and the exhibition “Colori profondi del Mediterraneo" (Deep colors of the Mediterranean) are the result of a selection of photographic material collected through more than 50 oceanographic surveys and almost 900 dives, at depths ranging between 50 and 400 meters in Italian seas, on board the R/V Astrea of ISPRA (Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) by means of a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) “Pollux III”, a tethered underwater robot, capable to acquire images of the deep environment and collect samples of marine organisms for scientific purposes.

The exhibition was of dual-purpose, both scientific and pop-aesthetic. By organizing the exhibition at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Peacock for Art addressed researchers in the throes of making new discoveries, as well as an audience comprised of nature lovers eager to get acquainted with this fascinating biodiversity.

  • Venue: Mahmoud Moukhtar Museum, Cairo, Egypt
  • Duration: May 2018
  • Art commissioned by Peacock for art for the Italian Embassy in Egypt