Roznama 5

Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition from Egypt

Roznama is a periodical competition and exhibition for contemporary visual art by young Egyptians, organized by Medrar for Contemporary Arts, sponsored and co-organized by Peacock for Art, With the objective of encouraging creative contemporary art works in contrast to the classical forms taught at art academies. This is achieved by providing a safe space that induces creativity and where students are encouraged to experiment and conduct research, as well as mixed media and multimedia productions.

Roznama also takes interest in traditional art forms, such as painting, sculpting, and avant-garde photography. Roznama aspires to become a platform that presents distinguished art works, introducing artists from Egypt and providing them with all necessary support to enable them to reach their goals. Peacock provided logistical and technical support for this project.

  • Venue: Medrar, Soma Gallery and Art School, Mashrabia Gallery for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt
  • Duration: September 2016
  • Roznama 5 is supported by Peacock for Medrar for Contemporary Art

  • Ahmed Mohsen Mohi el din
  • Ahmed Shawky
  • Ahmed Sourour
  • Ahmed Tawfiq
  • Amany Nabil Mohamed Abdo
  • Amira El Badry
  • Asmaa Elmongi
  • Dalia Rashidi
  • Ebrahim Elmoly
  • Eman Hamdy
  • Esraa Elfekky
  • Hadeer Omar
  • Hana El beblawy
  • Hashem Alkelesh
  • Hend Moaz
  • Imane Ibrahim
  • Maged El Sukary
  • Mahmoud Al-Attar
  • Malak Yacout Saleh
  • Mariam Abdelarazek Salem
  • Mariam Satour
  • Marian Fahmy
  • Marwa Abdelmoneim
  • Marwa Benhalim
  • Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Hammam
  • Mohamed Ismail Shawqy Ismail
  • Mona Essam
  • Mostafa Elhoseiny
  • Nourhan Moeif
  • Omneya Sabry
  • Sara Younes
  • Salma Abouzeid Sheta Alashary
  • Shadwa Ali
  • Shady Mostafa Fouad
  • Sherif Hosny
  • Wessan Qurish
  • Zeina Madwar