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    Dahlia completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Foreign Trade and Business Administration at the University of Helwan in 2000, and earned a Master's degree in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Poitiers in France, 2012. She also participated in a curation course in Sotheby’s New York in June 2017, and is currently taking an online course in Art History online at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. Dahlia lives between Paris and Cairo, with her work in the artistic world a bridge between the two continents.
    Dahlia’s previous experience includes:

      Project Manager for international jeweler Azza Fahmy’s project Design Studio for contemporary Jewelry and EU co- funded project a Nubre
      Jewelry sector head in IMC " Industrial Modernization Center", Cairo, Egypt.
      Project Officer involved in empowering marginal and vulnerable groups for the Italian NGO, COSPE.
      Dahlia has also worked as a consultant for several non-profit organizations, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO.

    Social Media manager and Content Creator

    Donia is a creative writer majoring in comparative literary studies. In pursuance of a career in writing Donia has multiple academic papers published in the fields of literature and literary criticism. With years of experience in content creation, copy writing, and social media management, and a passion for aesthetics, she is also eager to diversify her writings to include art and art criticism.

  • Aya Nada
    Communication officer

    A passionate believer in/of Arts & Cooking, Aya is an enthusiastic, energetic person who is committed to what she believes in, a fast learning & applicable character, that was marked in 2017 when she had a dream about cookies & cupcakes, that made her travel to other cities to start her own project (YoYo’s) for desert, nowadays she supplies to hotels in the Red Sea. A Real show-case has become a part of our family.

  • Nour el din Mansour
    Business development consultant

    Nour completed his undergraduate studies at the American University in Cairo, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Business Administration in 2016 and right after he founded Cake Time Tutoring, an agency/online platform that connects parents with knowledgeable and trustworthy tutors in their area. On the corporate side, Nour worked in a number of multinational companies and consulting firms in industries like FMCGs, Sports Retail and Management Consulting. As an engineer by education and profession, the love of assembly, craftsmanship and production were always elements that directed his business ideas and career.
    To be concise, a person who has a great passion for business, entrepreneurship and innovation and an admirer of art and interior design.




    Isabella is an Italian currently living in Egypt. After studying languages and graduating from the University of Palermo, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, she worked as Project Manager at the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, promoting Italian culture and language by managing the Italian participation in local and international events like film or music festivals, exhibitions, and conferences among others. Isabella also worked as an Educational consultant for the French-teaching school association Souffle. Isabella worked as the Communication Manager for Peacock for Art.

  • Fiona El Assiuty
    Coordination Officer

    With years of experience as an international civil servant with the United Nations under her belt, Fiona was recruited to assist with the organization of Reviving Humanity Phase II. This entails identifying sculptors from various countries worldwide who would be interested in being part of this fascinating project. Once the artists are identified, they are then invited to register to be able to participate in the two-week symposium. The Peacock team works as a link between Shosha Kamal and the artists they identify, ensuring open lines of communication as well as facilitating travel and accommodation logistics for participants.

  • Ghita Skali
    Visual artist

    Ghita Skali is a visual artist. When she isn’t traveling, Ghita lives and works between Lyon and Casablanca. She is currently studying arts at la Villa Arson, Contemporary art school in France. The foundation of her work is built around humor, social issues and subversion. With various mode of expression such as writing, photography, videos, performances and installations, her work is articulated around the representation of the identities with vernacular relations. She has exhibited in France (L’Adresse / Toulouse / 2017, Festival Fotolimo / 2016, Art center of la Villa Arson / Nice / 2016, Negpos / Nimes /2015, l’Amour / Paris / 2015), Egypt (Cairo off Biennale/ Cairo /2015 - Wekalet Behna / Alexandria / 2015) and Morocco (Venise Cadre Gallery / Casablanca / 2015, Le cube Independent Art Room / Rabat / 2013, CDG / Rabat / 2013).

  • Yves Chatap
    Curator of Stories photography exhibition

    Yves brought together renowned photographers representative of the African contemporary scene and its diaspora. “This exhibition makes visible the invisible for some and the unknown for others, in order to question history in a present fully oriented towards the future.” Yves Chatap is an independent curator, art critic, and editor based in Paris. He founded vusdafrique.com, which focuses on contemporary African photography. Chatap’s research looks at the artistic, social, and political context of images in the contemporary.

  • Farah Abdelhamid
    Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer

    Farah is a jewelry artist, who graduated from the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). During that time, she has worked on art-related opportunities, interning in galleries and exhibition spaces in addition to exhibiting her jewelry in the USA and most recently in the Netherlands. She taught academic jewelry courses at the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy before moving to contribute to the greater art-scope in Egypt.

  • Nada El-Aswany
    Exhibition Designer

    Nada is an Egyptian exhibition designer based in New York/Cairo. Graduated from The German University in Cairo 2019, Product Design major Nada is the Co-founder of Cocolana. Cocolana is a space design firm, based in Cairo/NYC, which aims at creating unforgettable experiences for the visitors such like Exhibitions, Art-fairs, Museums, Window Displays, etc. It all started when she was traveling to New York and felt like there was something pulling her to go to art galleries, museums and exhibitions. She admires just being there. Nada had also gained different experiences, in different fields such as Jewelry Design, Product/Industrial design, Interior design and Fashion. Nada comes from an artistic background; she is a painter and has so much passion for art. So, she decided to study Art History as well.

  • Yasmine Diaa
    Exhibition Designer

    Yasmine is an exhibition designer based in Cairo. Graduated from The German University in Cairo 2019, Product Design major, Yasmine is the Co-founder of Cocolana. Cocolana is a space design firm, based in Cairo/NYC, which aims at creating unforgettable experiences for the visitors such like Exhibitions, Art-fairs, Museums, Window Displays, etc. Also, Yasmine works in interior design. She is the head interior designer in Dwaiks Design House. She loves to play around with furniture and spaces. She likes space saving furniture and smart solutions for our everyday problems. Yasmine also likes to do the handy-work herself. So she took couple of wood-workshops and she also took a Furniture Design Diploma certified from Italy to help her make her own unique furniture pieces and to explore this side more of herself.




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